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Emery confirms he will not leave Villarreal to join Newcastle United******

MADRID, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- Villarreal coach Unai Emery confirmed on Wednesday that he will be remaining at the Spanish club and will not return to the Premier League to coach Newcastle United.

Emery, who led Villarreal to last season's Europa League title, had emerged as the favorite to be named as the new coach at the club which was recently the subject of a big money Saudi Arabian led takeover.

Following his side's Champions League win over Yong Boys on Tuesday, he even commented that he had "not said no" to Newcastle, even though he explained that he had not received a formal offer from the English club.

Whether or not he did speak to representatives of Newcastle now appears irrelevant after he published a letter affirming his loyalty to Villarreal, who he joined in July 2020.

"For all the noise there was yesterday in another country, within the club there has been transparency and loyalty with the Roig family (Villarreal's owners), that for me is most important."

"Honestly, I am grateful for the interest shown by a great club, but am also even more grateful to stay here, and I have communicated to (Villarreal President) Fernando Roig my decision to want to continue as part of this project and for the commitment and respect that I have received from the club and my players, it is mutual and reciprocated."

"I also want to show gratitude for the love and support that has always been shown to me. This Sunday, we have a very important game and I hope that, together, we can achieve victory. We will see you in the Estadio Ceramica," wrote Emery.

Club president Roig had been asked about Emery's future on Tuesday and showed his confidence the coach would remain at the club.

"I'm sure that his mind is not drifting elsewhere. I know Unai has a contract with us and contracts are there to be fulfilled. We hope that we will be able to see that contract through until the end," he commented.

Meanwhile Newcastle will continue their search for a man to try and lead them out of the bottom three of the Premier League with former Bournemouth coach Eddie Howe emerging as a new candidate. Enditem











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Death toll from rockfall in Brazil's Lake Furnas rises to 10******

The death toll from a rockfall in Lake Furnas, Brazil, has risen to ten, rescue teams said on Sunday.。

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon when several large rocks collapsed from a canyon and toppled onto four boats carrying tourists across Lake Furnas in the municipality of Capitolio, about 300 km from Belo Horizonte, capital of the Minas Gerais state.。

The ten who died were on the boat that suffered the biggest impact from the rockfall, according to rescuers.。

In addition to the deceased, a total of 32 people were injured, 29 of whom have already been discharged.。

There had been heavy rains in the region on Saturday morning, which geologists believe may have caused the rocks to fall.。

Trump adviser Bannon indicted for refusing to testify in Capitol riot probe******


In this file photo taken on January 22, 2017, US President Donald Trump (left) congratulates Senior Counselor to the President Stephen Bannon during the swearing-in of senior staff in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC.。

Former US president Donald Trump's longtime adviser Steve Bannon was indicted on Friday for refusing to testify to the congressional committee investigating the Capitol riot, the Justice Department announced.。

A federal grand jury returned the indictment in a significant victory for the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack, which is battling efforts by Trump and top aides to use presidential privilege to block testimony and documents necessary for the probe.。

The indictment came hours after Trump's former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, declined to show up for an committee deposition after being subpoenaed, which could lead to similar charges of contempt.。

Investigators think Meadows and Bannon could have information on links between the White House and the Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol to prevent the certification of Joe Biden as winner of the November 2020 presidential election.。

Bannon, 67, was charged with two counts of contempt – for ignoring subpoenas to appear for a deposition and for failing to supply documents to the committee.。

Each count carries a penalty of one month to one year in jail.。

"Steve Bannon's indictment should send a clear message to anyone who thinks they can ignore the Select Committee or try to stonewall our investigation: No one is above the law," said committee Chair Bennie Thompson and Vice Chair Liz Cheney in a statement.。

According to CNN, Bannon plans to turn himself in to the Justice Department on Monday.。

Violent attack on the Capitol。

Bannon, 67 was among the first of dozens of people who have been called to testify on the violent attack to shut down Congress on Trump's baseless claims that Biden had won the election due to massive voter fraud.。

The attack, during which five people died, succeeded in delaying the joint House-Senate election certification session for several hours.。

The committee said Bannon has relevant information to understanding how the attack came about.。

It pointed to his presence on January 5 in activities focused on blocking the certification, when he said: "All hell is going to break loose tomorrow."

Bannon refused to testify based on Trump's own assertion of executive privilege to prevent a number of former aides from testifying and block the committee from obtaining documents from his administration related to the Capitol assault.。

On October 21, the House voted to refer contempt of Congress charges against Bannon to the Justice Department.。

Given the deep politics of the case, it was not clear the Justice Department would take action until Friday's grand jury indictment.。

"Since my first day in office, I have promised Justice Department employees that together we would show the American people by word and deed that the department adheres to the rule of law, follows the facts and the law and pursues equal justice under the law," Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement.。

"Today's charges reflect the department's steadfast commitment to these principles," he said.。

The committee says it has already interviewed 150 people as part of the investigation.。

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